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Domestic and Global Funeral Shipping Services

Shipping Certification.

Known Shipper TSA

All Funeral Shipping proudly holds the title of certified Known Shipper.  We have been properly vetted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and are fully authorized to ship with any international airline.


We look forward to offer you our unconditional funeral shipping services; we care and we understand the sensitivity of handling the transport of your loved one to their final destination.

More About Us:

We answer EVERY call live; available 24 hours a day; everyday – day or night
Time matters: fast, efficient and dependable services
 20+ years of  working close with the local, national and international air freight services, while suggesting best air cargo shipping rates and options
Familiar with International shipping laws
Same Day air freight or Next Day Delivery
Reliable, secure and safe pick-up and delivery of human remains within the timeframe
Bilingual English and Spanish, highly trained, experienced and friendly staff
Familiar with different faiths and cultures which help ease the shipping of the deceased
Premium Handling, Packing, Inspection Process and Shipping Logistics
Nationwide and International Funeral Shipping (international shipping fees include metal casket)

800 FUNERALS | 8003863725

One Flat Fee of $995!



One Flat Fee of $2000!



Casket Included!

In all Funeral Shippings

Funeral Shippings international Funeral Home

Domestic and Global Funeral Shipping Services



151 N.W. 37 Avenue Miami FL 33125 US


OUR MISSIONIS Serving Families, Hospitals, Hospices, Funeral Homes, Military or other institutions

 Affordable National & Worldwide Shipping Services
 Smooth and safe remains transport from Origin to  Final Resting Destination

- From Funeral Home to your Funeral Home -


All Funeral Shipping provides world class funeral shipping services of human remains throughout the United States, as well as world wide, anytime and anywhere.  This includes repatriation of remains, burial and cremation caskets or urns for ashes. We will stay with you throughout the shipping process and take due care of all the finer details and in a cost-effective manner.

All Funeral Shipping continues serving 1000’s of satisfied customers and funeral home directors throughout the USA, Central and South  America, the Caribbean and Europe, and even farther.    We ship human remains locally, nationally and also overseas, when their departed loved ones last wishes where to be sent back to their place of origin or simply their home.

We specialize in following countries:

International funeral shipping to Cuba, Central America (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama), South America and the Caribbean Caricom countries. Our main Caribbean international funeral shipping market is Haiti and Jamaica. We also ship to Antigua & Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.  Funeral shipping is also done to Islamic populations and the Middle East. Furthermore, we ship cremation ashes to be buried in Jerusalem.

Our Services:

Our mortuary shipping services include: removal of the deceased body from the place of death, embalming, cremations, domestic or global shipping, ship-in and ship-out, repatriation of remains back to their home country in the United States, domestic and international document preparation and air-freight coordination. We also do Scattering Ashes at open Sea. Please call now 24/7.

Our successful customers’ loyalty, has been built throughout many years thanks to a wonderful, trained, experienced and compassionate staff, our excellent relationship with the air freight cargo community, national and international funeral homes and consulates.


Funeral Shipping to Cuba:

Attention Cubans:  WE have been shipping to Cuba for 20 YEARS, We are the only funeral shipping service doing this service for so long Nationwide. We offer daily flights, 5 times per week international funeral shipping to Havana, Cuba arriving at  Jose Marti international airport.  Funeral caskets are picked up at the airport and delivered to all provinces.  Same day service.  Cremation ashes are delivered to all families’ homes.  We have excellent connections in Cuba to easily facilitate expediting the delivery of cadavers – loved ones.

Broward: (954)798-5302 | Miami: (305)910-4169

Domestic and Global Funeral Shipping Services



All Funeral Shippings
151 N.W. 37 Avenue Miami, FL33125US
Phone: (305)910-4169 Website: